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When people think of hair loss, most often it is balding men that come to mind. However, women lose hair as well. Although hair loss is less known in women, there are many options for prevention and treatment as with men. Sometimes the cause for hair loss is heredity ? in both men and women ? and other times the causes differ. Most often with women, hair loss occurs due to hormonal changes. A few months after giving birth, starting birth control pills, or ending menopause are various ways in which hormonal levels in women change. These changes lead to symptoms, including hair loss. Even though not all women suffer hair loss due to hormonal fluctuations, there are enough cases that triggered the markets to provide hair loss prevention and treatment options for women. In fact, hair loss in women is relatively common and more and more of these women are choosing to take action against hair loss by purchasing products that help prevent and/or treat hair loss.
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